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The Magic of a Wedding Photoshoot:

Tanisha & Sushant's Love Story

Pre-Wedding shoot at Rishikesh

At Wedding Photo Planet, we understand that pre-wedding photoshoots have a different emotional corner in a couple’s heart. That’s why our team gives emphasis on the quality of your memories rather than the quantity. This couple chose Rishikesh as the best destination for their pre-wedding photoshoot. And why not, Rishikesh is such a marvelous and gorgeous destination. Its gorgeous range of mountains and lush greenery provides a perfect backdrop to the couple’s pre-wedding shoot. Their photoshoot was done in October 2022. The couple was dressed perfectly and the outfits were in cute twinning. The groom was wearing a light blue men’s suit while on the other hand, the bride was dressed in a stunning light blue suit. The overall shoot went great and our experience with this sweet couple was divine. Up next was the wedding and ritual shoot.


Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony


After the pre-wedding shoot, it was time for the Ring and Mehndi ceremony of the couple. Both ceremonies were held on the same day. The couple was dressed in adorable yellow traditional outfits. The couple looked very cute together. The friends and family of the couple were really happy and very excited about their wedding. Our team of expert photographers and videographers was able to capture every candid moment in their photos and videos. The smiles on their faces were unbeatable. The venue for the ceremonies was “Kohli Regency” in Gurgaon. They offered various great and surprising prompts for the couple. For example, a cute yellow seating prompt for both the groom and the bride. The venue was beautifully decorated. Flowers and greenery were used everywhere, spreading harmony all over the venue. The photoshoot went great as always and the couple got one step closer to their wedding day.

Engagement ceremony


The engagement of the couple was held on the same night as the Haldi and Mehndi. The venue was also the same. The couple showed up in new outfits a shiny black formal tuxedo for the groom and a beautiful off-white lehenga. The smiles and excitement of the couple and the guests were unbeatable. Everybody at the venue was giving the couple their best wishes for their upcoming future. The glow on the face of the couple was unbeatable and the forum got filled with positive and beautiful vibes. Our talented team of cameramen was able to capture every moment of the event. The venue was great and beautiful. The venue offered excellent indoor arrangements for the guests. The venue is capable of accommodating a large number of guests. All the friends and relatives of the couple gave them blessings and wished for a bright future.


The Wedding Day

Before the wedding ceremony, there are two major and important events that are “Parlour Shoot” and the “Sehrabandi”. The parlor shoot of the bride was done at “Pooja Sonik” in Gurgaon. The makeup artists enhanced the beauty of the bride with their skills. The bride was dressed in a Maroon lehenga that gave a graceful look to her beauty. On the other hand, the groom was getting ready for the sehrabandi event. The family of the groom first went to the temple to take the blessings and then the baraat departed for the venue. The venue was the same as the previous events but was decorated even more beautifully than before. The lights were illuminating and the flowers were blooming as decoration. Our highly skilled Photographers and videographers captured all the beautiful and candid moments from the event with their cameras. Now, finally, it was time for the big event. The bride with her adorable look reached the venue, and the event was flooded with emotions and beautiful vibes. Both the groom and the bride were emotional and happy. Their emotional faces made the images even more memorable and divine. The rest of the event went perfectly and the friends and family of the groom and bride gave them best wishes and blessings. 

This was our experience at Tanisha and Sushant’s. The couple was really adorable and cooperative at the shoots and our team worked closely with them so that we can provide them with the best collection of memories. If you also want your wedding memory to last forever in photos and videos, it will be our pleasure to serve you. Give us a chance and if you wish to know more about us and our packages, don’t forget to contact us through any social media app.