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Introduction. Top Wedding Photographer And Wedding Videographer In Delhi A wedding is a moment in one’s life, marked by a blend of love, culture, and tradition. Photographing and recording these special moments ensures that the memories are preserved for posterity. Through the lens of quality photos and videos, one can experience the joy, sadness, laughter, […]

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Welcome to Wedding Photo Planet! I’m Rajat Verma, the proud owner of one of India’s leading wedding photography and videography services. Our team specializes in capturing the magical moments of weddings across the country, and today, we want to share our insights about being a wedding photographer in Delhi, especially for those planning a destination […]

Popular Wedding Photography Styles in Delhi NCR

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When tying the knot, nothing captures the magic of the moment quite like stunning wedding photographs. In Delhi NCR, where weddings are grand affairs, choosing the right photography style can be as crucial as selecting the perfect lehenga or sherwani. So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of wedding photography styles popular in Delhi NCR, […]

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In the heart of India, where culture dances harmoniously with modernity, lies Delhi—a city pulsating with life, colors, and rich traditions. And within the tapestry of Delhi’s wide culture, the institution of marriage gleams as a timeless tradition, celebrated with fervor and grandeur. In the modern era, the essence of weddings has transcended mere ceremonies; […]