Taj Mahal, Agra: 

The Taj Mahal is a world-famous historical building, this is the best pre-wedding location in India and best pre-wedding photographer and pre-wedding videographer always want this kind of backdrop for pre-wedding photo shoot. The Yamuna river is nearby The Taj Mahal building, so it is a bonus for couples who are already off to Agra for pre-wedding photography.

Backwaters of Kerala:

The backwater of Kerala is a most beautiful and unique lush greenery place for pre-wedding photography and pre-wedding videography, you can take a boat on rent and take videos and photos, houseboats are a special symbolic item for couples.

City of Palace Jaipur:

Jaipur city is a regal state in India, Hawa Mahal is the most popular historical building in the world, and this building and also drawn the attention of Indian photographers and videographers, you can take more impactful photos and videos for pre-wedding, this state is full of royal buildings, you can take so many pre-wedding videos and pre-wedding photos in Jaipur city.

Paradise Goa:

Goa is a world-famous state due to its beaches, and most people want to visit Goa state. This is the best pre-wedding photography place in India, you can also visit nightclubs and cafés, bars for wonderful memorable pre-wedding photos and videos, Goa state is heaven for pre wedding photographers and videographers, there is a fresh atmosphere, so you’re looking for best pre-wedding places within a budget than you can choose Goa for a pre-wedding shoot.


Add a new chapter to your romantic journey between the snow-capped peaks and lush valleys of Manali. Your pre-wedding photos here will be a stunning breathtaking ode to love, with the elegant mountains as your witness. Let Wedding Photo Planet capture the harmony of your romance against this stunning backdrop.


Mukteshwar embrace serenity, your pre-wedding moments will be wrapped in an essence of serenity. The peaceful feel of this location will add a romantic touch to your love story. Trust Wedding Photo Planet to immortalize these moments in the most captivating way. Rishikesh: Among the serenity and the precision waters of Rishikesh, let your pre-wedding shoot be a testament to the endless love and joy that serenity brings. Wedding Photo Planet’s commitment is to capture every vibrant moment, reflecting the energy and beauty of this sacred city.

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